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Fees & Offers

Fee Guide Updated February 2021

Diagnosis Price from
New Patient General Dental Examination (includes initial radiographs) £100
Patient Consultation (including x-rays if required) £100
Post Treatment Reviews (e.g. Implant, perio, surgical) £60 - £100
Small radiographs (Consult fee includes first x-ray) £12 each
Panoral/OPG if added to other treatment/assessment £60
Panoral Radiograph or up to 4 small x-rays only, on referral £60
OPGs on referral are sent by email *. Additional fee £10 if written to disc £10
Cone Beam CT Scan on disc with free viewing software* £150 per arch
CT scan on Simplant Pro/Planner/View/ Oneshot* From £295
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery of CT scans unless express service specifically requested/arranged when additional fees may apply £TBC
CT Scan reporting fee by radiologist if requested ( in addition to scan fee): £175 - £225
*Scans/X-rays on referral are sent unreported unless requested Please discuss
Routine & Cosmetic Dentistry Fees
Routine dental check up (regular existing patients) £55
Routine dental check up for regular existing patients under 16 years old £30
Routine Scaling at examination appointment from £50
Fillings (each) £80 - £250
Crowns / Bridges/ Veneers per tooth £650 - £850
Cerec one visit Cad Cam inlays £500
Dentures (from) £500 - £1750
Root Canal Treatment £350 - £550
Hygienist appointments (from) £60
Tooth Whitening options available from £350
Botox £250 (each area)
Sports Mouth Guard £150
Implant Treatment Prices from
Interest Free Credit and Low Cost Finance packages available Please enquire
Consultation £100
Single Implant by a GDC Registered Specialist- including abutment and Crown ( Excludes Initial Consultation, Scan and additional treatment if required) £2500
Same Day Teeth ( Full arch) £15,000 - £18,000
Full arch Overdentures supported on implants From
£5500 - £9500
Implant supported small bridges From £5600
Full arch Implant Retained Bridge per arch From £15,000
Guided Bone Regeneration (minor augmentation) £200 - £300
Sinus Lift / Block Bone Grafting (Exclusively by Specialist Oral Surgeons) From £1500
Please Note: additional fees apply for Consult, CT Scan, Sedation etc. Although quite accurate, this is intended as a guide and exact fees will be discussed at consultation depending on requirements. Discussed at Consultation
Fees above are based on treatment by a Registered Specialist in Oral Surgery, with a Diploma and Advanced Certificate in Implant Dentistry (Royal College of Surgeons) and over 20 Years Implant and teaching experience Premium systems only in use
Specialist Oral Surgery
Extractions from £150
Complicated/Surgical Extractions (including Root removal & Wisdom Teeth) £250 - £400 each
Apicectomy £500 - £750
Fees per session from (in addition to treatment fee). From £300
Sedation for Periodontal or Endodontic Treatment From £300 - £600 per session
Additional fee for Intranasal Sedation +£100
Please note that all sedations require a consultation/assessment normally at a separate appointment. In exceptional circumstances sedation may be offered on the same day but this can never be guaranteed at time of booking the consultation. See above
Endodontic Practitioner Fees Price from
Endodontic Consultation £100
Incisors/Canines From £550
Premolars From £650
Molars From £850
All Root Treatment referral are seen by the endodontic practitioner. Additional fees apply for re-treatment, posts, temporary crowns, perforation repairs etc- to be assessed. Discussed at consultation
Periodontal Referral Fees Prices from
Periodontal Consultation £130
Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment (per session) - from £240
(Please note 2-4 sessions normally required depending on complexity) TBA
Post Periodontal Treatment Review and pocket chart £100
Periodontal maintenance with periodontist (after course of treatment) TBC
Periodontal Surgical and other procedures (eg crown lengthening) - from £400
Orthodontics Fees Prices from
Consultation with Ama Johal, Consultant and Specialist in Orthodontics £100
Fixed Braces £3000 - £4500
Invisalign "invisible" braces £4000 - £4200
Lingual "invisible" braces £6000 - £8000
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